Being part of a CSR approach thanks to the ISO 20121 standard

What is ISO 20121?

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental international organization whose 167 members are the national standards bodies. The purpose of this organization is to produce international standards in industrial and commercial fields. These standards serve the interests of the general public when acting as consumers and users.

The ISO 20212 standard allows your event, whatever its type or size, to be part of a sustainable development and CSR logic. Event activities take a heavy toll on resourcessociety in general, and the environment because of the significant waste they can often produce. This international standard was developed to promote responsible consumption and mitigate the negative effects on local infrastructure and utilities, thereby reducing the potential for conflict within the communities hosting the events.

Why being ISO 20121 certified?

  • To promote good CSR practices
  • Act in favor of the environment
  • Better meet the expectations of your customers or employees
  • To give the desire to act



Comply with the ISO 20121 standard by digitizing your events (thanks to Blastream)

Why and how to digitalize your events?

Just like a physical event, a digital event brings together participants for one or more activities such as a training session, a round table, a webinar, a trade show or an interview. All this while benefiting from all the advantages of digital tools.

The advantages of digital events are multiple: saving time and money, better accessibility, but above all a significant ecological advantage.

Indeed, a physical event requires the presence of participants more or less far from the chosen location. The pollution caused by their travel is totally avoided if they follow your digital event from a computer or a smartphone.

Blastream helps you meet this standard

Blastream is a 100% French startup that offers an all-in-one SaaS B2B video livestreaming solutionallowing you to produce and broadcast a professional quality live stream from a simple web interface.

Thanks to its cloud-based video management system, its interaction tools and its ability to gather a large audienceBlastream allows you to carry out your digital events in the best possible conditions.

Whether it’s for a seminar, a conference or a team-building event, with Blastream: 

  • Host several thousand simultaneous video participants and over 20,000 viewers (on demand for more than 25 simultaneous videos).
  • Create and manage as many rooms as you want simultaneously and in complete white label thanks to our API (1 room = 1 live video session).
  • Streamline your speakers‘ interventions with our “Low Latency” technology. Easily script, broadcast and retrieve external video streams from our cloud.
  • Script your live via our scene builder feature.
  • Customize your live by integrating your logos, wallpapers, overlay, lower third, and creating your own templates.



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