Integration on a website

Integration on a website

Integrate a video conferencing and livestreaming solution on your own website as easily as a YouTube video. Blastream can be fully integrated in white-label into your ecosystem.

Seafood from Norway x Alexia Duchêne

The NSC “Norwegian Seafood Council” also known as “Seafood from Norway” created a promotion live for the media in 2019 in collaboration with chef Alexia Duchêne. In this cooking show broadcasted via Blastream, the semi-finalist of the 2019 “top-chef” competition cooked a Norwegian saithe.

In the manner of a report, a journalist introduced her subject and asked questions to Alexia Duchêne live from her home.

Thanks to Blastream, the spectators of the cooking-show were able to follow the live broadcast directly from the website of Seafood from Norway, without going through another platform.


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