Pitch competition

Pitch competition

Do you need to organize pitch groups in several countries? Blastream makes it possible to hold hybrid events in the best possible conditions. Bring together several thousand remote participants in the core of your platform with ultra-low latency.

Within the framework of a pitch competition organized by a major brand, several remote speakers from different countries presented their work to a jury on a stage.

The speakers’ presentations were broadcasted to the jury on a large screen.

Thanks to Blastream, the interaction between the speakers and the jury was clear and fluid.


Secure in a fine way the access to your live and modify the connection parameters of each user (nickname / role …)


Script your lives via our scene builder feature

Create a scene for each pitch by selecting the groups and their documents


Interact face-to-face and remotely as if you were in the same place, using our chat, poll and quiz features.


Make your speakers intervention smoother with our low latency technology. Easily script, broadcast and retrieve external video streams from our cloud.



Host several thousand simultaneous video participants and over 20,000 viewers

*On demand for more than 25 simultaneous videos.

Create your own Blastream room in less than one minute

No download, no commitment, no credit card.