Integrate Blastream with your ecosystem

On your website, our solution can be integrated as easily as a Youtube video, or you can use our API to multiply the integration possibilities.

Full white-label integration

By integrating Blastream with your ecosystem:

  • Make your users benefit from a complete livestreaming service

  • Automate the creation of rooms according to your needs via our API

Customize the whole Blastream interface with your colours and display your domain name

The integration benefits

  • Several rooms can be created and used simultaneously
  • Secure access to your live room and modify the connection settings of each user (nickname / role …)
  • No need to ask your users to connect to a third party service: everything happens on your platform

Rapid setup of the integration

  • In less than a week, you can integrate Blastream with your platform (access management, interaction with your service)

  • Ease your developers’ work by using our SDK:

  • Connect to a dedicated dashboard to manage all your rooms and track your costs

Available plugin

Plugins make the Blastream solution compatible with any platform: WordPress, Office 365, Slack, Salesforce, Moddle, Prestashop etc.

By automatically synchronising with your user database, you can easily integrate a web conferencing system with your ecosystem. Blastream is interoperable with other technologies such as SIP: with a simple phone call, it is also possible to intervene in a videoconference.

Create your own Blastream room in less than one minute

No download, no commitment, no credit card.