Digital Services

Offer your users a live video solution that reflects your image

Do you provide your customers with digital services? And you need to integrate to your platform a video conferencing, live streaming and webcast solution in white-label?

Currently, to integrate a livestreaming and / or videoconferencing solution on your platform:

  • You go through a third-party solution such as Zoom or Teams and you do not have complete control over these tools (configuration of limited access and no smooth interaction with your platform).
  • Or, you are using an open source solution that you need to install: it is not your job and getting started with these systems requires a certain mastery. (ex: installation, accommodation, etc.)

Why you should choose the Blastream Solution?

Our all-in-one live streaming and videoconferencing Saas solution developed and hosted in France, can be integrated directly into your platform using our API, to offer you a total white label. Personalize your access to the different rooms thanks to our fine-tuning functionality, and in complete security (via the allocation of tokens).

We have designed the Blastream solution to bring together all the stages of the creation, production and distribution of your video livestreamings.


In less than a week, you can proceed with a fine integration of Blastream (access management and interaction with your API).


Create and manage as many sessions as you want simultaneously, possibly in full white-label, by using our API.


Configure in a detailed and personalized way the access to your rooms, during your live video sessions.


Customize your live sessions by adding your logos, background, overlay, lower third and by creating your own templates.


Interact entirely remotely, or in a phygital format (half face-to-face, half remote) as if you were in the same place, with our chat, poll and quiz features.

Create your own Blastream room in less than one minute

No download, no commitment, no credit card.