Mosaic Video

Create your video mosaics

Make it easier for your device to create a hybrid and phygital live

Several thousand participants in videos

Within a single Blastream room, you can host several thousand videos simultaneously *, depending on your needs.

Replay your mosaic on a screen on your board

Retrieve the flow of all connected remotely on a specific link to rebroadcast it on a giant LED screen to integrate it into your decor, for example, in the context of hybrid events where you have both a physical studio and Blastream.

* On request for more than 25 videos simultaneously.

Involve these remote participants in your livestream

During your hybrid events with some of your participants in remote and another in face-to-face, you can also retrieve the main flow of your set, so that your remote participants on Blastream can see what is happening face-to-face, and feel be in the same place as the other participants.

It is also possible to make them intervene, and to modify the view of the mosaic in real time:

  • Switching a speaker to full screen and retrieving his audio stream
  • Slides between several mosaics
  • Pre-established placement of each participant
  • Hide participants who deactivated their webcams (no “blacks squares”)

Create your own blastream room

No download, no commitment, no credit card.