5 reasons to digitalize your events

Blastream is a 100% French startup that offers an all-in-one SaaS B2B video livestreaming solution, and allows to produce and broadcast a professional quality livestream from a simple web interface.


For several years, and especially during this complex period, the digitalization of the event industry has become widespread. Indeed, with the increase of videoconferencing, livestreaming and webcasting offers (such as Blastream) and health restrictions forcing some events to be cancelled or postponed, the trend of digital or hybrid events is increasing.


 What is a digital event?


Like a physical event, a digital (or “online”, “virtual”, “connected”) event brings together participants for one or more activities such as a training session, a round table, a webinar, a trade show or an interview. All while benefiting from all the advantages of digital tools.


 What are these advantages? 5 reasons to digitalize your events :


  • Saving time and money: setting up a physical event often requires a certain budget for renting the venue, furniture, buying food or ordering from a caterer. But also a lot of time spent to organize and exchange with the different participants, providers, co-organizers, etc. The digital event requires less time and money because no travel or premises are needed and fewer service providers need to be contacted.


  • More accessible events: In addition to reducing transportation costs, the digitalization of events reduces the risk of unforeseen events (missed plane, contact case). Your digital event can be followed all over the world instead of being restricted to a certain geographical area.


  • An ecological advantage: a physical event requires the presence of participants who are more or less far from the chosen location. The pollution caused by their travel is totally avoided if they follow your digital event from a computer or a smartphone.


  • Reusable content: once your digital event is over, you can use video excerpts or an entire replay of it to post them on your social networks or website. These contents are a good exposure of your activity for your customers or your collaborators.


  • Collect feedback from your audience more easily: using a simple satisfaction questionnaire or a live survey, constantly improve your digital events to develop your audience or your sales.

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