Blastream x Alexia Duchêne

The Blastream platform is used on a daily basis by many companies, some of which wish to organize digital events and thus maintain their programming despite sanitary constraints.

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), also known as “Seafood from Norway”, fights every day to have the value of its products, consumed in 37 million daily portions worldwide, recognized.
The council decided to create a live promotion for the media by proposing the chef Alexia Duchêne, semi-finalist of the top-chef 2019 competition to cook a Norwegian saithe during a “cooking show” broadcast via Blastream.
As in a real report, the journalist introduced her subject, with the only difference that the presentation was not done on a TV set but live from her home. Alexia Duchêne also did not need to travel, as the culinary performance was recorded directly from the kitchen of a restaurant.

Following the performance, a series of questions / answers between journalists / influencers and Alexia Duchêne followed.
No need for expensive equipment, just the Blastream solution and a broadcasting tool (computer / tablet / smartphone..).
Simplify your events and split your costs by choosing Blastream.
Thank you to Omni Groupe and NSC for trusting us!

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